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Happy Dussehra, once again?

              It has been quite a while since I last wrote something. There has always been an urge to write but the ideas weren’t settling. After a few weeks of reading, contemplating and organising, I am hopeful of putting them in place.

            “Kim vs Donald!”, said many headlines recently after the two of them, the contemporary leaders in this modern era of madness, exchanged words provoking each other. Like ‘Tom and Jerry’ which came together and entertained people, ‘Kim and Donald’ would have rather made a fitting title than ‘Kim vs Donald’ as they come together to destroy world peace. However, there are major differences, not in their personalities, but in the countries they lead. There is a reason why Trump has got haters all over the place while you wouldn’t find a single person in the country, at least alive, hating Kim or even Putin in that case. This difference between submitting ourselves to someone, directly or indirectly, in the east and having a high self-esteem in the west lies deeper in our cultures. It exists because of the fundamental fact that we have heroes whom we pray while they have protagonists who just do their job.

               A hero vs a protagonist; this contrast, very evident from our movies, affects us more than what we are aware of. The west act. We wait for our heroes to come and subsequently cash in every opportunity to turn them – the heroes – into our gods by putting them on a pedestal. We have become inferior as we brand all the natural calamities as a work of nature’s wrath and call all our failures as a work of stars or fate. But it has been ages since I last heard someone crediting his fate for his good fortune.

              Can it be true that we worship nature because of a low self-esteem and pray the gods because of our own inferiority complex? What would be the case if it was just the god’s duty to make the world a better place? Would we still pray him? Like any parent who is held responsible for taking care of his child, it is the god’s responsibility to take care of his creation. We express our gratitude but should we pray him for that? We don’t pray our military, do we? We only respect them.  We, not being satisfied with the god’s work of our fate put it in the hands of these ‘heroes turned gods’ as well. Be it eastern or western, every philosophy believes in the fact that ‘We are what we think!’ More we think of being controlled by fate, more are we actually controlled by them.

               In spite of all this, we celebrate the victory of these heroes – the heroes who caged us with their own mark on our destiny- over the evil, the evil which would have brought the much-needed protagonists out of us. We would have better revolted the evil and become the gods of our destiny rather than becoming the slaves of god and god’s great piece of work. The problem with the gods and the heroes is that they control us more than what we think and this has hampered and, in many cases, killed the protagonists in us. With this, a new epiphany dawned upon me: We always become the scumbags of our own work.

              So, who is god today, the present day evil whom we should kill or the one whom we should celebrate? After all, what is once divine need not remain as such. A happy Dussehra, hopefully for the last time.


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She speaks…

Men have failed in their repeated attempts in defining love and have described it as undefinable but who are men if not rapists who have continually plundered this world while unconsciously referring to nature around them or the earth they are living on as ‘she’ . May be, if there was a greater justice above all which some call karma, then everyone would come under one single crime of being a rapist.  Some men hide under the masks of science and have spoken words which talk about how greater development is achieved but again, who are men if not empty vessels with words just to make some noise?  Words, which, seemingly, cut through anything but not Love! Some have described it to be the purest of emotions which when conquers man makes him as pure- dangerously pure- as dangerous as a man’s dream, the dreams which persist even after man’s death, the death which can carry with it anything but not a dream and definitely not love. Love and dream move together hidden inside the cavern of one’s heart under the grooves always being dormant, sometimes afraid and often angry of the man who forgets them for the universe as he is naive about what she(universe) wants, she who gives man whatever he wishes for but still doesn’t get from man what she craves for, the craving for a world of dreams and love which will end in peace and results in her bliss, the bliss which every word echoed by ‘LOVE’ or every spark ignited by a ‘DREAM’ generates, every ounce of which making her happier.

(A train arrives, in fact, appears, from nowhere as if it’s always present here and moving along with all of us yet keeping itself unseen so as to avoid getting meddled with.)

“It’s not Love”, she says trying to sound philosophical,

“when you just love each other’s looks or bodies or cash or in that case, even each other’s brains.”

And she adds on saying,

“It’s love only when you love each other’s dreams, ie when you are willing to sacrifice yourselves for the dreams of your loved ones and in that case, fulfill their dreams if they die and every such permutation in this world makes me have wollycobbles, i mean collywobbles, hui hui hui.” sounding hui-ppier.

But she is like any other woman whose moods keep dwindling because of thoughts, the thoughts which, now, speak of the instances written in her diary of trauma where she repents giving a chance for the man to evolve, the evolution which has done horrible things to her, the things which I can’t even speak here.

The thoughts never end up plainly, do they?

In a train of locks, she sat presumably with monkey-like creatures and others, passing one lock after the other, the locks which when opened become the key for the next lock and so on, optimistic of the fact that she wouldn’t die from more insanity, both her’s and men’s.

“Have you ever wondered why monkeys are so furious at men, not just once but always?” she asks, looking at monkeys, this time rather impatiently as if in a hurry.

The  train, her only companion, started to whistle indicating her departure, making her more impatient and like every other time he(train) asks her,

“Should I destroy them, my lady? I don’t need a weapon, i don’t have to move, i don’t need to order someone, i don’t need to request as well, i don’t need to hurt someone or look them in their eyes, which I reckon is the most painful thing while killing and yet I can finish the entire damn thing sitting here. By the way, who are men, my lady, if not fools who think of holding me in their clocks? Their naivete makes me puke. I wonder if the day will ever come when they realise that i am the Apocalypse. I am the end and you are beginning. One word of yours, my lady, and that’s what all i need. You can start everything again.”

“No!” she replies him because she knew she would miss her only companion when he brings the end. Also, she is a generous mother who created man in her greed of more friends, without being satisfied with species up to monkeys. And monkeys have been furious because they know that the man is a traitor for the fact that a man is a man.

And the train calmed himself down and loved her companion for how kind she was to him. He was willing to sacrifice himself to end her suffering and she, on the other hand, has always been suffering to protect her only friend’s life. Don’t you think this is Love?

Finally, as the train geared up to disappear completely, she realised that she didn’t conclude her speech which, she hoped, would cut through at least one soul.

And she continued,

“Dreams need love for them to get fulfilled and once these grey cells, love and dream, of the universe get active, they would form a deadly couple even with the world at stake, the revenge they seek would be apocalypse, the apocalypse which would destroy all the evil including the one is man’s head, the only villain.”,  muttering every word, bit by bit, silently but strikingly, as she is driven back into her veil by the train.

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Don’t just die!

Don’t just die by  playing a game where one man’s win is other man’s loss,

Live in the state where his success doesn’t mean your failure.

Don’t just die by craving for things,

Live in the state where you get whatever you think; that’s the SECRET.

Don’t just die by waiting for tomorrow,

Live in the state where you create your tomorrow by living today.

Don’t just die by living a life of panic,

Live in the state where you’ll comprehend  ‘IGNORANCE IS BLISS’.

Don’t just die protecting the vault which you have to always worry about,

Live with BOOKS which you’d never have to worry about.

Don’t just die a robot living an algorithm,

Live a HUMAN who would defy A.I. 

Don’t just die a celebrity who sacrifices his choice for his fans,

Live a life where you have FOLLOWERS and not fans.

Don’t just be a cinema which can excite people with its plot or its detailing,

Live in the state which can inspire a new world of DREAMS which is greater than anything.

Don’t just die by holding onto all the malice,

Live in the state where an entire black hole can be swallowed by the WILL of your spark.

Don’t just die a Hitler believing in ‘killings achieve motives’,

Live a Gandhi who is not defined by non-violence but defined it.

Don’t just die a king who is solely defined by the land conquered or people massacred,

Live a saint where even your last words can bring about a REVOLUTION and create an ERA.

Don’t just die without living,

Live a pirate king, a man gifted with ETERNAL FREEDOM, which makes you human.

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The Crow’s Mind.

Though this is independent of other chapters, I’d suggest you read The Tribal X and The Dual Sacrifice.

Everything felt magical but it can’t be surreal. It was seemingly too difficult for me to comprehend what brought me here but  I had a gut feeling that I came from nothing. Darkness blinded me. Neither I could see myself nor sense what I am. My instincts told me , plausibly, everything was happening in a dark blank space which existed only in myth. When I entered, I felt I was moving through an aisle walking on a rope but neither I had legs nor there was a rope. A voice spoke,

               “ Welcome to the reality.”

I was flooded with questions about who spoke and what they meant. The rope was taking me further in and my heart was racing in . Before I could understand or even think  what the statement said, another voice came in.

     “ Nothing exists. Nothing ceases to exist.”

This line made it further more interesting as it  concurred with my gut feeling.  I remember learning about the possibility of antimatter as every positive has a negative. I also remember someone telling me that dark is the absence of light but I don’t remember where I learnt them or who taught them to me. But is dark really the absence of light?  I was facing the grim reality of absolute dark, the dark itself and the idea of light passing through was out of the question .I expected this to be a space conquered by dark without any bounds until I was forced to enter the rat race. Within moments I was completely pushed inside the dark space and heard cries. The sounds of the doors being banged were heard and I felt everyone running but no one was seen. So, without a second thought, I started running. Soon, I noticed that space was bounded on one side with the gates being banged almost every moment and we were forced to participate and run infinitely. No one knew what happened to the ones who had been eaten by the gates but the cries were awful. A voice spoke continuously,

                “ who is your friend?”

No one knew what the answer was.  During the run, legions of species were devoured by the gates but the energy around me was unvarying. So, I realised many came into this space incessantly. In the first place , I thought there existed a mirror kind of relation between this space and the world I vaguely remember. I started asking myself, “ Is this space real?” because  there were no humans, plants and various other species which I felt I met in some other world. But, the voice was so appealing that it sow a seed of doubt and soon I started considering the possibility of this world being the reality. “ Metaphorically,what if this space is the actual glass which makes the mirror it is?” What if everyone is delusional about the world they exist ?  I kept running as fast as I could and even missed the gates nearly. I wondered when the race gets over or what my role is in this bloody rat race. The voice kept speaking all along, “ who is your friend?”. I felt, answering it would end the race but who was my friend? I couldn’t recollect anything and whatever I remember is also vague. The only thing I know is I came from nothing. I had no choice but to run but there was one thing which pacified me. I started thinking in a pattern when I realised the answer must be common to everyone as the question was. I had to figure out everything and I started analysing what the gates were or why they were closing every moment. I even started pondering on the energy around me. No matter what happened ,it wasn’t wavering at all.

I slowed down because of this and everyone got better of me and this was it. For the first time,I felt the energy around me was declining as only a few were with me about to get swallowed by the gates. There was no further chance for anyone to pass through the gates unless so swift or agile, so I stopped running. I was ready to face whatever awaited me after getting swallowed.  Suddenly, there was a tremendous change in the energy levels which indicated the ones with me who were too far to reach the gates were destroyed. I was keen on solving it and was thinking about what the gates were and why they were closing every moment without stopping? And, there was an overflow,

“ Who is everyone’s friend? What is provided to everyone and can be used by everyone? What is that thing which never stops? What defines every moment? What changes every moment?” and the questions themselves answered it.

There were no bounds to my excitement the moment I knew the answer. I was in seventh heaven but was too far to reach the gates. It was seemingly impossible to reach them but I had hope. I shouted with all my energy, “ Time.” and what I witnessed was dreamlike. It was magical again and it can’t be surreal. I could hear a new voice which said,

               “You are the bridge.”

There were no sounds of the closing of the gates and all gates came to a still. Even the gates which closed got opened. I was in ecstasy but there were changes in me too. I became featherweight, agile and with definite shape though I still couldn’t see how I looked. This time, I started laughing at the unending marathon of others and learnt I can manipulate the gates. I suddenly rose up and was literally flying with wings. So I flew back and forth  to witness everything .

A gate spoke,

“The ones who got swallowed did not die but were born as species in the other world , the virtual reality. The species which died came to this blank space,a world of consciousness, wishing they would solve the puzzle and the one who solved it became the bridge which connects the dead and the living , past and future and it was an entity of absolute dark, the crow.”

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The Dual Sacrifice.

Before reading this, please read the first part The Tribal X, the first in the series

“Vebooni!!!”, someone yelled from outside the cavern.

The voice reverberated through the cave and woke her up. The dark which fed her all the 43 days and the thoughts which gave her pain were interrupted by light. It was Abu, whom she once saved, carrying the light who came in to console the sobbing Vebooni. He said, “We have something up our sleeve. Make yourself ready”, and left. She showed him a sign indicating she would be ready by then. Abu left for attending the patients on the verge of death. The entire tribe was mourning the death of their sons which was so common for them as deaths happened very often but that was not in Vebooni’s case. She was one of the few people who currently led the tribe and therefore, refrained from showing her tears which never halted and hence spent 50 days in the dark. On the 50th day, she went to the river to recall the events which changed her course of life,  most of them happening in the last few weeks. She even missed the presence of her pet frog, Boo, who stayed with her at all times. Her memories with boo took her back to the places where she spent wonderful times with him. Of all times, the first time they met was perhaps the best. It happened years back.

“Vebooni was a child gifted with the ability to sense the mood of the person she met. She felt the vibrations and could know how virtuous a person is. She even got positive vibes from trees and nature around her sometimes. The Tribal X worshipped the snakes and were very fond of them. Whatever looked like foes of the snake became their foes too. So neither the tribesmen nor the snakes allowed the frogs to wander. But Vebooni did not discriminate any as she got vibes from all the life forms of nature and that gave her strength. She was too clean at heart to know what to discriminate and too angelic to know ‘how to’ in that case. Also, her veins carried the bravest and the nicest blood of their tribe.

    It was evening sky becoming dark and low with the dark clouds hovering. The wind picked up its pace and started howling. It was raining Virga, a dry thunderstorm, all over. The deafening sounds of the thunder produced chills. The thunderstorm was one of the culprits which led to the wildfire. The black clouds collided, the heavens split but there was not much rain as expected. Instead, there was a wildfire moving up the ridge away from the tribe. Trees were getting simmered in that. The situation was intense but that didn’t bother Vebooni from playing. While she was playing, she saw a frog, pale red in colour with green spots all over, which seemed dead. It was one of the very few frogs left and she hadn’t seen one before.  Out of curiosity, she bent to touch it when the frog suddenly hopped off startling her.  She later noticed that the frog was chased by a snake and the ambush did not give it any luck. Within few moments, the fate of the frog was to be decided. Unfortunate for the frog, the snake got hold of its rear webbed feet and started swallowing it slowly inch by inch.The frog was on the edge of being completely swallowed and within seconds, the entire body of the frog except that of its front legs was swallowed with only the front legs let out. Vebooni looked astonished on seeing the rear feet of the frog in the snake’s skin which was too distinct to ignore. She saw frivolous efforts of the frog while it tried to escape. She had found the attempts illusory and stood in awe. The frog which was almost inside the snake’s skin pulled the snake in a direction and forced the snake into waters. The snake wasn’t easy but the frog held by one of the rocks and got the grip. Finally, the frog after getting the required grip jumped out in air miraculously and flashed light off its green spots, used them while it camouflaged. It later moved cautiously to hide in the dried twigs which were pale but the hardship did not end. The snake was all over the place once again. The frog started hopping and the snake chased it. It was once again the same tale of the destitute and the frog knew the game ended.  

  But unlike the previous attempt which went futile, this wasn’t going to be one. The saviour came in the form of a brave Vebooni, who, impressed with the frog, picked it up and ran hard. The brothers suddenly became alerted. What seemed like a playful situation up until then suddenly turned into something unpleasant and the brothers rushed to the place to save their sister. Weboo held the snake with a U-shaped tool and threw it long away while Ebbo followed her. The sister escaped giving them a sigh of relief. It was one of the few instances of nature’s triumph over adversity and the frog eventually escaped from the jaws of death.

      But Vebooni did not stop there as she wasn’t  aware of the fact that the snake was gone. She ran all her way to the river, jumped into it without knowing and started drowning. She lost the frog in the water. When all her struggles almost came to vain, a boy, well built, came running all along and spun in air for an increased length of the dive and brought her out. The girl took a lot of water in by then and he knew he got late. She looked pale with her eyes open, the eyeballs popping out.  He bent down to her cheeks to check the breath. The boy, an amateur, had to take control of the emergency but he didn’t know what to do. He pressed her chest to force the water out. He tried to use his hollow reed but everything in vain. Then, he looked out for help and saw Ebbo coming. He quickly told him what happened and left to call for aid as Ebbo was no doctor. Ebbo, who was highly impulsive, kicked the frog hopping around and attended her but that was for no good. He felt the subsiding beat of his sister and got worried. To add onto this,  he saw an enormous creature coming towards him after some time. The creature was murky, pitch-dark, bloated with seemingly no distinct eyes and his instincts told him of an attack. He became mindful when it was coming close and held his knife to strike it at heart. He slashed the air with his knife, heard a pop sound and expected the creature to die but instead, he saw something else altogether . He never saw something as magical as that in his life. The girl started drawing deep breaths.

     He learnt  what exactly happened. He attended to her, rubbed her palms and started to leave.

“Thanks, Ebbo”, Vebooni said.

“ I don’t deserve it”, he said and left.

Ebbo felt ashamed for what he did. “The mark stays,”he told himself repeatedly. He kept saying that time and over, burnt his arm with one of the tree trunk getting simmered. He never knew he would have to keep a thing secret from his brother. A train of thoughts went through his head and he recollected the series of events which have happened.  

The frog he kicked got charred along with tree trunks which  were getting smouldered in the forest fire but it did not die. It almost died again stuffing itself with almost a gallon of water but held it to splash it onto her body. To her luck, the water hit her breastbone with much force where no one pressed. The necessary shock was provided and the girl suddenly woke up drawing heavy breaths. The magical moment which he has seen re-winded through him giving chills. “Later in the future, whenever he saw Boo with Vebooni, he put his head down with guilt.

Elsewhere, an imaginary gate spoke,” THE DUAL SACRIFICE.” and it closed.

  to be contd…






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The Tribal X

A squad of tough and spirited children walked all the way from their habitat to the mountain hoping they would reach what they learnt as ‘the path of sun’. With mountain on one side and the river on the other , this anonymous tribe were living in dark conditions with their numbers decreasing day after day. The tribe was so primitive that the  population count dropped by a third before the people of the tribe could barely understand it. They were fighting the toughest of the battles and almost lost it. The men of the tribe who held medical expertise were all dead. Men who led the tribe were all long gone. The men who took a vow to protect the tribe were now on their death-bed. The peculiar thing was that everyone lost their speech before they died. The only destitute left were the innocent children who carried the vow of the men lying almost dead. Vebooni laid inside a cavern she made for herself. She sat without a fire for the first time in her life. 43 twigs laid beside her each for a day. She now knew there was only 17 left and she had a task ahead after that. She was the younger sister of the twins Weboo and Eboo. She recalled what happened 3 months back when she went sick while swimming past the river.

        3 months back, she challenged Mabu, a 20 year old who led the village along with  Weboo, another 20 year old. The fathers of Mabu and Weboo were inturn brothers who led the tribe previously before they mysteriously died. Vebooni was observant and was a fighter by heart. She carried the blood of her father who had the courage to face whatever came in his way and to  go whatever extent needed for his loved ones. But she never knew her parents. Only thing she had was her brothers, Weboo and Eboo who gave her all possible things .For them, her safety was paramount and both of them risked their lives to protect her. Also,Vebooni had a pet frog by the name of boo which was pitch black. No one except Vebooni liked it. While both her brothers went to master the rock climbing, she played with her frog which took her to the waters. When she dived into the water for the first time ,she almost drowned when later Mabu saved her. That wasn’t the only time she drowned .Mabu warned her against swimming as he thought women were weak but that was in vain. She was desperate about playing with her frog. While all the tribe learnt in the same approach and swum the most common way, the girl played different. She learnt how to swim observing boo. She  experimented with boo dropping him straight into containers very deep and saw how he came out.  She even experimented with the currents and drowned almost a dozen times. The duel which she made with Mabu soon earned a lot of excitement and entries came in eagerly to participate. Therefore, what was actually a duel soon turned into a race and everyone made their preparations to win it. Everyone  seemed determined to win over Mabu who was considered their swimming champion. Vebooni and her frog trained hard for the day and it soon came.

         Weboo and Eboo were called for as referees of what looked like the most exciting contest. There were absolutely no rules except to play fair and safe. All the participants can make a tool to carry with them incase of an emergency. Only tool which everyone knew was a hollow reed to breath underwater incase they drowned.  But everyone knew about the dangers of drowning as no one who drowned came back. Vebooni carried her frog barring the reed for her luck. The target was  a merwinia , flower of an underwater plant , which was around 1000m across the river . Merwinia was one of the beautiful flowers ,orange in colour ,which the tribe knew. The swimmers had to complete a loop across the river collecting the merwinia at the target and return to the land and the rest was obvious .Everyone looked excited about the start except one. Weboo was deeply worried about the target area and the flower. He was worried about the young swimmers including his sister who were not completely aware of the river currents. He was worried about the death spot ,the andask which was close to the target area where Merwinia grew. Men who went near Andask and returned lost their sight, speech and had terrible deaths. Men who reached it were eaten by it. Weboo was relieved by the fact which eliminated the possibility of rains. The swimmers who were participating climbed to the highest point on the land from where they dived. All the swimmers including Vebooni dived at once.

                    And the race began.

         The twin brothers and the other spectators of the race were startled seeing Vebooni. While the entire tribe including the champion Mabu swum the most common butterfly stroke of swimming which had the arms moving in complete circles while the feet performed the kick, the girl’s act filled people with amazement. She swum in the water like a frog with her torso stiff. Both her hands were in coherence and made semi circular moments under-water while the legs folded performing a whip kick. She had the advantage of  having her head out for large amounts of time which came at the cost of slower speeds. But her  experiments with the currents helped her comprehend the physics of the it and she knew the direction for higher speeds. But all her moments  where she planned her win, all her experiments with boo ,all the physics she learnt soon vanished once she dived. She lost all the ideas and was left only with 2 emotions ,


Eboo looked at the confused  face of his brother and asked,“Our sister is doing well, what troubles you?” He did not respond. Eboo asked repeatedly. After few moments, Weboo hesitatingly replied, “ Nothing.” but there was some bad news coming all along. He did not anticipate his prediction going miserably wrong. The possibility of heavy downpour with windstorms was undeniable. It started raining.

Only thing Vebooni never knew was this duel she made would change her life once and for all.

                                                                                                                                               To be contd…


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The boy who actually lived!

                   I went back to the days when tigers used to smoke. Even ‘Time’ had a tiresome journey travelling back when I asked it to. It went back to the days right when anarchy was prevalent and when the civilizations were being fashioned. It was the very beginning of governance. Sages, then known as Rishis lived and people followed what these scholarly people mentioned. Those were the days when there were a lot of mavericks in the society, unlike today where the governance had taken control over man. A village-at-don’t-know-where was led by a tribal head. People in that village were satisfied with what they were and what they had. The village priest enlightened them with the divine wisdom( divine- according to him) over years and people obediently followed.  He could persuade tribal men into worshipping the lord ‘Sun’ and they followed because the priest told them.  He was then explaining them the two mind spaces; heaven and hell which would ostensibly exist afterlife.

Heaven is the most beautiful mind space while hell brings fear in the faces of the toughest of men. Pray hard not to go to hell or else get ready to get tormented“, he mentioned.

A small boy of the village listened to it contemplating whatever understood. He was a seemingly odd looking boy not belonging to this time and definitely not the village. He roamed the streets of the village as a freelancer doing odd jobs. He was a quick learner and a cynic. No one could convince him of things so easily. He was stubborn and learnt things with his own reasons. He prayed the ‘sun’ god not because the priest told him but because he understood the fact the sun helps in the growth. He observed that the metabolic rate on earth during nights was less. It was not that he observed too much of the outside world. He observed himself, went deep within to comprehend his own ability to think. The rate of his thoughts declined at nights. He had this regular habit of drawing shapes of whatever he saw in the sky on the soil. The great priest once told that the earth was flat.

Why is it?“, the boy asked.

People easily accepted with what the priest said but this guy had other notions. One day,  it was the day’s sad end, the end which he never wanted because every day was fun,  and these days, he was observing the stars. The stars, moon, clouds formed various patterns and shapes which he replicated on the ground while he slept. Next morning when he observed it, he found that the moon was missing in the various shapes he made.

oi, i missed it“, he thought.

He wondered where the moon went. Like this, he observed that moon’s shape changed intermittently and it disappeared regularly. He was a genuine storyteller too. He once explained to the priest’s children how fast the sun moves and how it visits every nook and corner of the world. The priest went furious over his insane theories and told him to stop creating his own theories.

“YOU!, son of a ****.Get away from here or keep shut your mouth shut.”, the priest accused the boy of his blasphemous theories. 

The boy was wondering if his conception was wrong. The boy saw that the light illuminated not only beautiful places of his village but also lit the contaminated, foul stained places. He wondered if sun loved earth so much that it visited every nook and corner of it daily.

As every uncouth civilization which ended because of plague or because of man’s foolish wants, even this civilization had its tough times. All the surrounding villages were hit by a disease. Our village was busy trying not to get infected. The boy was busy too but with his dreams. He started sleeping more than ever as dreams connected him to a distant place. He was blind in his dreams it was dark which guided him in it. The people of the village started praying. All the ceremonies and rituals were performed but the death rate wasn’t diminishing. People started blaming the high priest and hence god. They called the earth as the INFERNO. The priest then understood how dumbfounded these people were. Some of the villages started chasing the High priest and the boy came to his rescue claiming that nothing is gonna happen and earth is a beautiful place. But the deaths didn’t stop. The death ate whatever came in its way. It looked as if there was no way to stop it. The boy didn’t understand why the death was unabatedly taking everyone with her. There was no pattern. Every single time he got doubts if the earth was hell, he got dreams which said he was wrong. The boy was no different for death as death didn’t know him so well and so it finally ate him too.

The boy was astounded at the fact that he died but more than that he was surprised by seeing the doorkeepers who appeared before him. The doorkeepers of Yama summoned all the dead which included the boy to Yama-dharma Raju. The path was indeed enthralling. He could feel all the excitement but realised the fact that it would end soon. The hall in which everyone was summoned was nothing special. It had 2 doors. Yama started checking everyone who came there. It was strange that Yama wasn’t checking their accounts. He felt uneasy when he looked at the boy. The boy’s confident looks in front of Yama’s intimidating frame surprised Yama. He saw something puzzling on the boy’s face, something dark and therefore, he was put in a conundrum. Yama believed that a child can never be dark. Also, the dark force brought in the light on the child’s face.

As everytime, Yama asked people to choose a door and people made their choice thinking one was hell and one was heaven. People went behind their leaders like sheep. Chitragupta had a vicious smile as always. This boy however chose a different road. He told yama that he wanted to get back to earth. Yama looked amazed looking at how different the boy was. Not a conventional thing this guy is, he thought. He asked the guy for a proper logical reason and if convincing , he would send the guy back.

The boy told, “Earth is the most beautiful place and the only heaven left“.

Yama asked for a reason.

The boy told,” I pray the lord sun. Sun visits earth every day and travels all through the earth, every nook and corner. He walks through not only the beautiful places but also the contaminated ones. so, i thought the earth is the only heaven as the sun visits it daily.

Yama looked paralysed and was temporarily out of the words.

Is it because of responsibility or love that my dad(sun) visits earth daily?“, Yama thought.

A small boy made Yama ponder over things which he never thought in life. Yama wondered if the dark force, which he saw in the boy and which terrified him gave the boy such wisdom.

How is it possible? How can dark show path? Isn’t the path only shown by my father, the sun? Can there be someone else? Can the dark show path?” Questions flooded all over“, and he smiled.

Life was much beautiful before,” he chuckled.

Chitragupta was amazed and Yama made up his mind. He sent the boy back. People then wondered if the boy was right! Had the boy been right, what are the 2 doors and what is the choice made by them. The people went through the doors according to their choices. They got terrified within their doors seeing how people were brutally tortured. Finally, as they walked all through till the end, they finally met the ones who entered the second door. They finally realised that the two doors were the 2 points in a circular hell path.

The boy was right,” they thought and looked disappointed.

Yama now started wondering what the boy had; the dark. what was it?  What was the boy’s dream all about? Is it the dark who is showing him the path? Is it shiva? May be it is.

“One hell of a day for me,” he rolled laughing,

and the boy lived forever, the boy who actually lived. The boy was named MARKANDEYA  by Yama and kala later made that possible playing his games again..


Ref: to know who markandeya was)