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The Crow’s Mind.

Though this is independent of other chapters, I’d suggest you read The Tribal X and The Dual Sacrifice.

Everything felt magical but it can’t be surreal. It was seemingly too difficult for me to comprehend what brought me here but  I had a gut feeling that I came from nothing. Darkness blinded me. Neither I could see myself nor sense what I am. My instincts told me , plausibly, everything was happening in a dark blank space which existed only in myth. When I entered, I felt I was moving through an aisle walking on a rope but neither I had legs nor there was a rope. A voice spoke,

               “ Welcome to the reality.”

I was flooded with questions about who spoke and what they meant. The rope was taking me further in and my heart was racing in . Before I could understand or even think  what the statement said, another voice came in.

     “ Nothing exists. Nothing ceases to exist.”

This line made it further more interesting as it  concurred with my gut feeling.  I remember learning about the possibility of antimatter as every positive has a negative. I also remember someone telling me that dark is the absence of light but I don’t remember where I learnt them or who taught them to me. But is dark really the absence of light?  I was facing the grim reality of absolute dark, the dark itself and the idea of light passing through was out of the question .I expected this to be a space conquered by dark without any bounds until I was forced to enter the rat race. Within moments I was completely pushed inside the dark space and heard cries. The sounds of the doors being banged were heard and I felt everyone running but no one was seen. So, without a second thought, I started running. Soon, I noticed that space was bounded on one side with the gates being banged almost every moment and we were forced to participate and run infinitely. No one knew what happened to the ones who had been eaten by the gates but the cries were awful. A voice spoke continuously,

                “ who is your friend?”

No one knew what the answer was.  During the run, legions of species were devoured by the gates but the energy around me was unvarying. So, I realised many came into this space incessantly. In the first place , I thought there existed a mirror kind of relation between this space and the world I vaguely remember. I started asking myself, “ Is this space real?” because  there were no humans, plants and various other species which I felt I met in some other world. But, the voice was so appealing that it sow a seed of doubt and soon I started considering the possibility of this world being the reality. “ Metaphorically,what if this space is the actual glass which makes the mirror it is?” What if everyone is delusional about the world they exist ?  I kept running as fast as I could and even missed the gates nearly. I wondered when the race gets over or what my role is in this bloody rat race. The voice kept speaking all along, “ who is your friend?”. I felt, answering it would end the race but who was my friend? I couldn’t recollect anything and whatever I remember is also vague. The only thing I know is I came from nothing. I had no choice but to run but there was one thing which pacified me. I started thinking in a pattern when I realised the answer must be common to everyone as the question was. I had to figure out everything and I started analysing what the gates were or why they were closing every moment. I even started pondering on the energy around me. No matter what happened ,it wasn’t wavering at all.

I slowed down because of this and everyone got better of me and this was it. For the first time,I felt the energy around me was declining as only a few were with me about to get swallowed by the gates. There was no further chance for anyone to pass through the gates unless so swift or agile, so I stopped running. I was ready to face whatever awaited me after getting swallowed.  Suddenly, there was a tremendous change in the energy levels which indicated the ones with me who were too far to reach the gates were destroyed. I was keen on solving it and was thinking about what the gates were and why they were closing every moment without stopping? And, there was an overflow,

“ Who is everyone’s friend? What is provided to everyone and can be used by everyone? What is that thing which never stops? What defines every moment? What changes every moment?” and the questions themselves answered it.

There were no bounds to my excitement the moment I knew the answer. I was in seventh heaven but was too far to reach the gates. It was seemingly impossible to reach them but I had hope. I shouted with all my energy, “ Time.” and what I witnessed was dreamlike. It was magical again and it can’t be surreal. I could hear a new voice which said,

               “You are the bridge.”

There were no sounds of the closing of the gates and all gates came to a still. Even the gates which closed got opened. I was in ecstasy but there were changes in me too. I became featherweight, agile and with definite shape though I still couldn’t see how I looked. This time, I started laughing at the unending marathon of others and learnt I can manipulate the gates. I suddenly rose up and was literally flying with wings. So I flew back and forth  to witness everything .

A gate spoke,

“The ones who got swallowed did not die but were born as species in the other world , the virtual reality. The species which died came to this blank space,a world of consciousness, wishing they would solve the puzzle and the one who solved it became the bridge which connects the dead and the living , past and future and it was an entity of absolute dark, the crow.”



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