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THE push , THE fall, THE RISE


Vertigo_15 The fall to which I want to succumb myself; the depth to which I want to fall down;the depth to which gravity can’t take me;  the depth at which mankind does not exist; the depth at which there exists a different domain; the domain as defined by swami Vivekananda; the domain which all the skeptics believe exist and that is where I believe my time machine 003M will take me. The world might see me as a loser seeing my fall because of its depth. The world sees whatever comes through it, it believes the things seen and words said about the fall, the facts which exist at their feet and which are easy to understand. But there is a greater road ahead, in fact different roads for different men for the ultimate final domain. The world does not see the wonder which can happen, the wonder which redefines life, the wonder which transforms universe, it does not see the history in the making..These miracles which happen seem impractical but the truth has its word saying, “ things are never practical, ideas are all hypothetical but are indeed made practical.”  We have to fall into the greater depths of our life far below our existing domain. The world does not see the things which are masked inside, sees the facts superficial, the facts and statistics which jinx people even by its mere presence at the peripheral of the eye. It’s obvious that the stats and facts are always trusted and the real truth which can happen is gone. At the end, it is only the truth which justifies the fall that creates the miracle saying,  “The fall was superficial. All along the fall, the domain which was never seen always believed RISE to be made from it. The fall did not help you to rise back..Instead the fall was the rise all through, deep inside.”  All one needs to do is fall down to the deeper depths and this fall is every one’s RISE.



I am Sriram, the man who's gonna be the pirate king. A conversation means a lot. People with dreams mean more. Stories, an obsession. Still in pursuit of happiness.

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